Innovation Management and Startup Acceleration


Offering Life Science Companies Innovation Services and Programs

BlueSEQ helps life science startup teams with critical projects such as strategy design, product/market-fit testing, access to funding and other types of early execution projects of their startup business and technology development.
- For select startups BlueSEQ accepts shares as payment.

BlueSEQ also helps large organizations by running their life science innovation and startup-focused programs.




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Innovation Programs Examples:


An investment group focused on finding relevant early stage life science "omics" startups and supporting them in their early and growth phases.


Exosome technology and IP development house and startup incubator, with a broad patent and tech pool. 


Invest in Genomics

A yearly "Genomics focused" investment meeting that is a part of the Festival of Genomics, where seed investors, VC's and corporate investors with focus on genomics startups meet up.

Getting a digital understanding of biology and life is the biggest game-changer the world has ever seen!
— Michael Heltzen


Let's Innovate.

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